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Bridging the ancient with the new, electroacoustic duo Vessels to Motherland create a music of its own breed, steering between heavy industrial and evocative ambient, navigating through seas of psychedelia, journeying with humans and robots alike.

LIVE IN BROOKLYN, released February 3, 2023, is their latest creation: A 60-minute journey through the interstates of our inner lives, a tone from outer space, an anomaly, a cry. It is ambient in that the industrial heaviness found on MACHINE LIEDER gave way to long, dreamy tones of magic, and thus doesn't quite let the listener settle into the earthy realms of bass-heavy distortion. However, unlike a typical ambient album, it is a continuous journey from point A to B, rather than a singular moment, stretched through time. It is not a static state of wonder, but rather a moving transformation towards the unknown. LIVE IN BROOKLYN is created as an experience to be lived through from beginning until end, a sound world to get lost in, a distant recognition of some familiar yet strange world. 

MACHINE LIEDER, their debut album, is a collection of songs by machines imbued with human urges. Screaming out of metal shells are memories of distant worlds, cries for lost connections, dreams of a digital utopia, soliloquies on the human condition. A song cycle for cyborgs, it expresses the complexity of the modern world. It is a return to sources and a scratch dance of immortality. A bright whisper from the future, and a muffled scream from inside the power plant.

Living between chaos and order, the sound of Vessels to Motherland exists in the in-between, the interzones of human experience, at the junction of methods.

Vessels to Motherland consists of composer/producer/pianist Danica Borisavljevic, and composer/producer/violinist Nikita Yermak, based in NYC.

The union of the two classically-trained musicians coincided with a mutual calling for electronic music, psychedelic soundscapes, and otherworldly sound treatments. With decades of concert hall performances behind them, Borisavljevic and Yermak have synthesized a new chapter, a reminiscence from the future, with sails reaching to Roedelius’ piano tones, chains tied to Nine Inch Nails’ raw distortion, anchors extending to Murail’s spectralism...



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PROCESS AND PRODUCT       5.12.2023

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